IASE/ISLP webinars

The International Association for Statistical Education (IASE  https://iase-web.org/   presents their May webinar, in collaboration with the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP https://iase-web.org/islp/).  Pedro Campos from the ISLP Project will chair the webinar and John Bailer, Paolo Noceda, Maulana Faris, José Pinto Martins, Jo Roislien are presenting. We welcome you all to join us.  We also ask you to share this invitation with high school statistics teachers and other statistics education networks in your country. We welcome IASE and non-IASE members to the session. 

Details about the webinar are below and on the IASE webinar page  https://iase-web.org/Webinars.php

Statistical Edutainment

23 May 2023; 11:00 UTC (see below for localized date/time)
Webinar duration: 90 minutes

Chair: Pedro Campos
Presenter: John Bailer, Paolo Noceda, Maulana Faris, José Pinto Martins, Jo Roislien

Register here https://forms.gle/Z1vS88gWEUtraWsp6

Presenters and titles

John Bailer
What can you do if you want to tell the statistics behind the stories and the stories behind the statistics?
Paolo Noceda
Gamifying Statistics Education through Elevated Learning Experience (ELX)
Maulana Faris
Building Statistical Literacy through Digital Comics
José Pinto Martins
A New Statistical Adventure with Exploristica 2.0
Jo Roislien
The power of moving pictures: Increasing statistical literacy through video

Starting at:

23 May, 3:00 am Anchorage 23 May, 2:00 pm Istanbul
23 May, 4:00 am Los Angeles 23 May, 2:00 pm Moscow, Nairobi, Riyadh
23 May, 5:00 am Denver 23 May, 3:30 pm Tehran
23 May, 6:00 am Chicago 23 May, 3:30 pm Kabul
23 May, 7:00 am New York 23 May, 5:00 pm Dhaka
23 May, 6:00 am Bogota 23 May, 7:00 pm Perth, Beijing
23 May, 8:00 am Halifax, Manaus 23 May, 9:00 pm Brisbane
23 May, 8:00 am Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro 23 May, 8:30 pm Adelaide
23 May, 12:00 pm London, Lisbon 23 May, 9:00 pm Sydney
23 May, 1:00 pm Paris, Rome, Lagos 23 May, 11:00 pm Auckland
23 May, 2:00 pm Tallinn, Jerusalem, Ukraine, Harare

Register here https://forms.gle/Z1vS88gWEUtraWsp6