Board of the Statistical Society

The board manages the activities of the Statistical Society. The board consists of the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and at least three and at most six other board members elected for each operating year. According to the rules of the Statistical Society, the members of the board are elected at the annual meeting.

  • Pekka Pere (chairman)
  • Ari Jaakola (vice-chairman)
  • Roope Rihtamo (secretary)
  • Arvi Tolvanen (treasurer)
  • Mika Gissler
  • Reija Helenius
  • Tommi Härkänen
  • Jyrki Möttönen
  • Pekka Nieminen
  • Kari Djerf (deputy member)
  • Tapani Linnaluoto (deputy member)
  • Elisa Falck (deputy member)
  • Arvi Tolvanen (master of ceremonies)

Here you can see the composition of the board of the Statistical Society over the years.