100+ year jubilee of the Finnish Statistical Society June 7-9 2023 in Helsinki

Dear members of the Finnish Statistical Society and other friends of statistics,

The Society celebrated its honourable centenary in 2020. The coronavirus epidemic prevented the celebration of the anniversary in 2020 and after. We are celebrating the wonderful history of the Society at the 100+ anniversary celebration in Helsinki on June 7-9, 2023. The event location is Porthania of the University of Helsinki, Yliopistonkatu 3. Register for the anniversary using the registration form (link) and by paying the participation fee (payment instructions below).

The main speakers of the anniversary celebration are Deborah Ashby (Imperial College, President of the Royal Statistical Society 2019–2020) and Jouni Kuha (London School of Economics and Political Science). Due to the jubilee year, the topics of the presentations include not only current research and the new online statistical dictionary, but also the history of the Society and the history of statistics in Finland.

The presentations on Thursday and Friday mornings will be held in English, whereas the afternoons are in Finnish. Participants will receive a copy of the Statistical Dictionary when they arrive at the meeting site, as long as there are still copies left at that time.

The Society offers coffee and tea during the meeting days. Participants pay for their own lunch. On the Thursday evening, 8th of June, a gala dinner is organized. Dinner is included in the participation fee.

Poster competition

A poster competition will be organized as a part of the event. The topic of the poster can be theoretical or applied. The best poster is chosen by public vote. In addition to the honour of winning, the winner receives a cash prize and a discount voucher for books of Wiley. You can register for the poster competition at the same time you register for the anniversary. You can also register for the poster competition by e-mailing the secretary () before the 15th of May.

Registration and payment instructions

The participation fee is 80 euros for members and 130 euros for others if you sign up before the 15th of March (early bird price). After that, the registration fee is 100 euros for members and 150 euros for others. For students and graduate students, the participation fee is 0 euros, which does not entitle to participate in the dinner, or 80 euros with dinner. We would like to ask you to register no later than 24.5 (for ordering coffee services), but no later than 5.6 (if you are attending the dinner). After Monday 5.6, you can ask the secretary () about the possibility to participate in the 100+ year jubilee and conference dinner. Payments should be made to the account

FI82 3131 1000 4182 55 / Finnish Statistical Society

Please enter the participant's name as the payment message.

Financial support

The supporters of the celebration are the University of Helsinki, the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation, SAS Institute Oy, Solita Oy, the Institute of Health and Welfare, Statistics Finland, the Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation, CRC Press, Wiley, the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, and the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters. The Society thanks the supporters very much.

If your community or organisation could support the event, contact Pekka Pere, head of the board of the Finnish Statistical Society: . Additional support is needed. In return, your organisation gets visibility in the marketing materials of the event and at the event.

More information

Secretary Roope Rihtamo and, for the poster competition, Jyrki Möttonen, can be reached from the addresses and .


7 June 2023

     A "head start" for the 100+ jubilee (Porthania, P219 teachers' lounge)

  • 17.00-20.00 Tilastotieteen suomalainen historia -keskustelu. Tilaisuuden alussa voi rekisteröityä vuosijuhlaan. Tervetuloa kaikki tilastotieteen historiasta kiinnostuneet!

8 June 2023

    Registration (Porthania, lobby)

  • 09.00–10.00

    Session 1 (Porthania PII)

  • 10.00–10.15 Head of the board of the Finnish Statistical Society: Opening of the anniversary celebration
  • 10.15–11.00 Professor Deborah Ashby (Imperial College): Florence Nightingale’s legacy: using data to improve public health from the time of the Crimea to the time of the coronavirus
  • 11.00–11.30 Tuomo Nieminen: COVID-19 vaccination and adverse events: real-time epidemiological analyses based on national health registers in Finland
  • 11.30–12.00 Tiina Laatikainen: Do health sciences exist without statistics?

    Lunch and poster session

  • 12.00–13.00

    Session 2 (Porthania PII)

  • 13.00–13.30 Esko Leskinen: Vahvistavat faktorimallit - psykometrian historiaa Suomessa
  • 13.30–14.00 Pekka Pere: Tilastotieteen suomalaista historiaa
  • 14.00–14.30 Heikki Mikkonen: Suomen Tilastoseuran historia
  • 14.30–15.00 Esa Läärä: Uusi Tilastotieteen sanasto ja verkkosanasto

    Coffee, tea and poster session

  • 15.00-15.30

    Session 3 (Porthania PII)

  • 15.30–16.00 Markus Sovala: Tilastoja ja dataa – joko tai vai sekä että?
  • 16.00–16.30 Risto Lehtonen: Paradigmamuutoksista virallisessa tilastoinnissa kansainvälisesti ja Suomessa

    Parallel session 4 (Porthania PII)

  • 16.30–17.00 Jukka Hoffrén: Luotettavat tilastot demokratian ja yhteiskunnallisen päätöksenteon perustana
  • 17.00–17.30 Asta Manninen: Kaupunkitilastoista on moneksi

    Gala dinner at the Katajanokan Kasino (for those who have payed the conference fee)

  • 20.00–23.00

9 June 2023

    Session 5 (Porthania PII)

  • 09.00–9.45 Professor Jouni Kuha (London School of Economics and Political Science): Modelling correlation matrices in multivariate dyadic data: Latent variable models for intergenerational exchanges of family support
  • 09.45–10.15 Timo Teräsvirta: Long monthly European temperature series and the North Atlantic oscillation
  • 10.15–10.45 Heikki Kauppi: Estimating optimal binary classification rules: A nonparametric method for nonmonotonic density ratios
  • 10.45–11.15 Annika Kangas: Statistics in forest sciences in Finland

    Lunch and poster session (voting ends)

  • 11.15–12.30

    Session 6 (Porthania PII)

  • 12.30–14.15 Sukupolvien ketju: Elja Arjas – Hannu Oja – Pauliina Ilmonen – Jaakko Pere

    Coffee, tea, and poster session

  • 14.15–14.45 Coffee, tea, and poster session (voting has ended)

    Session 7 (Porthania PII)

  • 14.45–16.45 Törnqvist- ja posterikilpailujen palkintojen jako ja voittajien esitykset
  • 16.45–17.00 Head of the board of the Finnish Statistical Society: Closing of the anniversary celebration