Artificial intelligence and statistics — friends or foes? (13 May 2019)

The seminar was held on 13 May 2019 in facilities kindly provided by Aalto university.

Program (click name of presenter for slides, when applicable)
13.00 Pauliina Ilmonen (Finnish Statistical Society, Aalto University) – AI Meets Statistics
13.10 Saara Hyvönen (Dain studios) – Data in Modern Business: Have a Solid Foundation & Use What Works
13.50 Paavo Raittinen (Aalto University) – On Randomness of Random Forest Classification in High-dimensional Lipidomic Data

14.15 Coffee and Juice Break, International Statistical Poster Competition (for students) Winners’ Poster Session

14.50 Juho Kannala (Aalto University) -Artificial Intelligence and Vision
15.30 Statistics Finland – International Statistical Poster Competition Awards (Reija Helenius (Statistics Finland, International Statistical Literacy Project) and Pauliina Ilmonen)
16.00 Matias Heikkilä (Futurice) – AI and Statistics in Digital Business
16.25 Pauliina Ilmonen – Definitely Friends