News from the annual meeting of 2021

The annual meeting of the Finnish Statistical Society was held on Wednesday 17 February. In the meeting members of the society discussed the past year and a change in the rules of the society that enables remote attendance in future meetings. Additionally, a new board was chosen for the term 2021-2022 with the following members:

Pauliina Ilmonen

Vice chairperson
Ari Jaakola

Tommi Mäklin

Tapani Linnaluoto

Board members
Pekka Pere
Tommi Härkänen
Lauri Viitasaari (clubmaster)
Reija Helenius
Paula Bergman
Jyrki Möttönen

Deputy board members
Marianne Laalo (1st deputy)
Mikhael Koufos (2nd deputy)
Niko Lietzén (3rd deputy)

Congratulations to those elected!