Leo Törnqvist thesis prize awarded to Savi Virolainen

The Finnish Statistical Society has awarded the Leo Törnqvist prize for the best master’s thesis in the field of statistics during the years 2017-2018 to Savi Virolainen from the University of Helsinki’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics. In his master’s thesis “GMAR-  ja StMAR -mallin yleistäminen  G-StMAR -malliksi”  Virolainen examines autoregressive mixture models and introduces the G-StMar model, which is a combination of the GMAR and StMAR models. The G-StMAR model is available as an R package called uGMAR, and the thesis can be accessed in the University of Helsinki’s digital repository HELDA (Finnish only.)

The Finnish Statistical Society congratulates Virolainen for his excellent thesis!