Risto Lehtonen receives the Gunnar Modeen medal

The Gunnar Modeen -medal was awarded during the Nordic Statistical Meeting 2019 on 27 August 2019 to professor Risto Lehtonen, who is the professor of social statistics at the University of Helsinki. Risto Lehtonen has numerous academic merits: he is one of the big names of survey methodologt, and has written numerous articles and books on the topic. In addition to his academic achievements, professor Lehtonen has worked as a researcher and the head of research at The Social Insurance Institution (KELA), and as the scientific director at Tilastokeskus and as scientific director of the Living Conditions statistical unit. Additionally, he has written multiple reports to governmental organizations such as the European Commission. In conclusion, professor Lehtonen has established wide-reaching international collaboration networks and excelled in facilitating communication between academic research and official statistics — making him a most excellent recipient for the Gunnar Modeen medal

The Finnish Statistical Society would like to congratulate professor Lehtonen on receiving this important acknowledgement of a lifetime contribution to statistics!