18.-19.5.2017 Statistics Days in Turku

MISSING DATA – Statistics Days in Turku 18.-19.5.2017

Why does your data have missing values? Did it happen by chance? Or is there some mischief involved? Does the reason even matter? How do different research frames, questions and statistical methods behave under incomplete data? What do your colleagues say?

These are the questions we will discuss in the beautiful city of Turku at this year’s Statistics Days. The goal of the programme is to consider and ponder the problem of missing data through the lenses of different theoretical and practical approaches. Our invited session will be held by professor emeritus Niels Keiding from the University of Copenhagen.


The Statistics Days begin on Thursday 18th of May, 2017 in the main building of the University of Turku with multiple short presentations, including they keynote talk and presentations from the winner of the Finnish Statistical Society’s Leo Törnqvist award for the best master’s thesis written in 2015-2016, and the winner of the best doctoral thesis in 2013-2016 award. Thursday’s program finishes with a social dinner in the evening. On Friday we will concentrate on the future of Finnish statistics.

Full programme for the event is available here, and you can sign up for the event here.

We look forward to seeing You in Turku!
Finnish Statistical Society
Finnish Society of Biostatistics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Turku

For more information, please contact
Jyrki Möttönen (jyrki.mottonen@helsinki.fi)
Kari Auranen (kari.auranen@utu.fi)
Mervi  Eerola (mervi.eerola@utu.fi)

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